Dawn Breeze


Wildflower, 2015

A social experiment of others naming your identity

In Wildflower Breeze simply asked: "If you could describe me with one word what would it be?"  Within a week she collected over seventy individual responses and after compiling the words together recognized they described the traits of a wildflower.  Breeze then collected wildflower seeds from her yard and garden and made individual seed packs with each word she had been given (originally meant to describe her) printed on the back.  She then mailed these packs of seeds to all participants along with a word she felt best described them to her.

Reciprocal giving and growing is a common theme in Breeze's socially engaged works, as is the investigation of uncovering or naming what we don't often say to each other.

Characteristics provided:

sense of wonder, adventurous, source, explorer, beauty, sweetheart, iridescent, intuitive, measured, delphic, magical, morning breeze, engaged, passionate, lovely, wild ride, creative, artful, giving, breezy, passion, curious, intuitive, vivacious, wilderness trail, growing, methodical, icelandic blue, experimental, debater, just, brave, thoughtful, powerful, mama's kiss, enigmantic, generous, brave, celestial sky, courageous, strong intuitive, unique, tender seedling, thoughtful, vibrant, determined, cartographic, breezy, seeking, beautiful, powerful, rare, radiant, no limits, thoughtful, gracious, exceptional, honest, energetic, footpath, talented, motivated, compassionate, gracious, contemplative, groovy, electric, absorbed,soulful, golden, mystery, dawning red, introspective, pliable, passionate, fresh, unpredictable, connected, driven, artsy, mindful, vivacious, conscientious, gentle, red, vital, resolute, soul seeker, creative, confident, intertwined, infinite, wildflower.