Dawn Breeze

Wayfinding: Imaging History With (Our)Story

A year long public art project, that maps individuals unique experiences with solitude in nature through their personal digital uploads and hand drawn and written responses.  Wayfinding opened October, 2016 at Olana State Historic Site in Hudson, NY with funding provided by a de-centralization grant from the New York State Council on the Arts administrated through the Green County Council on the Arts, and through matching support from the Olana Partnership and Olana State HIstoric Site.

Wayfinding: Imaging History with (Our)Story picks up on Hudson River School artist Frederic Church’s legacy of capturing the wild beauty of nature in America that is quickly disappearing. It suggests we use technology as an aid to help find our way backward—back into an intimate encounter with nature —one in which we find ourselves collectively belonging.

The process employed by Breeze for the development of this art project is not dissimilar to social media sites like Twitter or Instagram, where people hashtag themselves with selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower—announcing their place amongst things. The difference is in the nuanced intention. Breeze’s project asks participants to look inward while looking outward, and to use technology not as a replacement for navigating in nature, but instead as a tool to notice one’s experience with nature and relocate oneself there. The co-created map will serve as living document of a social odyssey remembering our collective place in the wild beauty of nature.

Learn more here www.wayfindingstory.com

Wayfinding: Imaging History With (Our)Story 2016

Wayfinding: Imaging History With (Our)Story 2016