Dawn Breeze

Artist Statement


I work in a wide variety of media, moving among artistic disciplines, materials and practices. I prize sensibility over tactic. By emphasizing aesthetics, I assert a multilayered approach to a wide range of subjects. I intend to involve the viewer in a participatory way; sometimes physical and collaborative.

I am interested in primeval knowledge, poetics of liminal space and place, and the wild beauty of nature as guru. These interests provoke avid exploration of ontological questions, examining interconnectedness, time and spirit. My work is inspired by transformation—how life is flux, that one thing is actually many things in a state of infinite change.  I examine the powerful brevity of life and the innate connection between all that is.

 I intuitively respond to my surrounding environment, applying my personal experiences as prima materia. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. By applying a poetic, metaphorical language, I want to amplify the wonder of the spectator by creating compositions, settings, experiences or ideas that generate beauty engaged with contemplation and inquiry.

I am curious about stories and histories embedded in materials and layers of new meaning synthesized in this convergence. I work with materials in a symbiotic nature. I do not force materials into submission; rather, I incite transformation through the act of observation, representation and collaboration.  In doing so, known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present unite, time and memory overlay to become potential futures.