plant Magic dust 

The body of work exhibited in plant Magic dust demonstrates Dawn Breeze’s continual fascination with materials as subject and interwoven connections of ideas, time, place, life and death. Using materials such as plastic, cloth, dirt and plants, Breeze embraces the importance of the materials she is using, and considers their story as well. This reciprocal relationship to materials is key to Breeze’s work as a Process Artist. She might consciously choose the materials she is working with, but the relationship with them evolves as she plays with and nurtures these materials, Breeze encourages the materials to tell their story. “...I want to ask it: are you paint, are you minerals, are you flowers, are you death, are you life, are you a hot day in Africa, how can I appreciate and honor you?...”

Breeze’s work at large is informed by her life experiences and philosophies: “I continue to ask myself what is art’s purpose, specifically my art’s purpose. It seems like the answers lie in the questions, and that the questions open to new questions. I feel like it is a continuum of oneness...That is why chance and synchronicity are always included and make as much sense as making conscious choices...really it all is one piece, one story, no time; everything connects if you look...all I do is search for evidence to believe.”

The exhibition’s title plant Magic dust is the first line of the poem (with the same title) by E.E.Cummings. Dawn discovered the poem in a keepsake box of her departed sister, Summer, this winter. This poem inspired the production of many of the works in this exhibition.