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Workshop: First Drafts || Writing Workshop

  • Instar Lodge 4 church ave. 2nd floor Germantown, NY 12526 (map)

Do you need to keep your writing wheel moving forward? Are you stalled out on your novel, memoir, book of poetry, essay collection, or screenplay? Do you need critical feedback that doesn’t feel like slow torture but instead empowers you to write shamelessly? Do you have a project that's well outside your comfort zone and in need of a smart cheerleading squad? Are you the type who writes in solitude but wants company around the form, feeling, and motivation? If yes, this group is for you!

First Drafts is a writing circle for those who want peer support to help polish their darlings and send them out into the world. Join writer’s Dawn Breeze and Hallie Goodman at Instar Lodge for 2-months of working the words out.

This group is open to all genres of writing with a commitment of eight weeks. Because First Drafts is built around intimacy we are limiting enrollment to eight writers. Participants will experience a minimum of two intensive opportunities to share working drafts and receive critical feedback, along with weekly goal check-ins. A working agreement will be drafted collaboratively during the first workshop to ensure all participants feel safe and supported throughout this shared experience.

Sliding Scale.

Visit the Instar Lodge website for more information and to register