Dawn Breeze



Dawn Breeze is a creativity advocate, change agent, and internationally awarded artist, living and working in Germantown, NY. She consults on creativity and leadership with global organizations and progressive institutions, as well as with individual entrepreneurs and leaders. Breeze is committed to building community through creativity.

Her social projects include: Instar Lodge, the non-for-profit arts project space she founded and currently directs, Wayfinding: Imaging History with (Our)story, a mapping odyssey at Olana State Historic Site, and her creativity curriculum Creativity + Courage™ which she leads as participatory workshops throughout New England for institutions, corporations, and recovery programs.

She has demonstrated her vision and voice through her expansive and eclectic publishing projects and art exhibitions. Such as Girls in Trees, a widely acclaimed anthology edited by writer Rebecca Godfrey featuring thirty-three artists including: Sharon Olds, Nick Flynn, Samantha Hunt and others.  As well as her recent self-published book of poetry, Breath 40x inspired by her work with iconic poet Bernadette Mayer.

Breeze holds an MFA-IA (Interdisciplinary Arts) from Goddard College, twice a Goddard Spirit recipient

As an interdisciplinary artist, I create and facilitate liberatory experiences for the social and individual, because I believe it is the beauty we love that we must do.  To do "you" is a radical act of courage and freedom." - Dawn Breeze


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